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Online Slots South Africa

Online slots are the most popular casino games in South Africa as they are a huge hit among gamblers, no matter which part of the world you’re in. Online slots are not only entertaining but also give South African players stand the chance to win some great prizes when they play slot machines. These virtual ‘bubbles’ of fun offer a variety of themed games that burst with action and great winning opportunities upon each spin. In South Africa, their popularity continues to grow and takes over the online gambling environment as more players opt to play these games. Players should spin the reels of their favorite online slot games to start winning big.

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Best Online Slots Casinos

R25 000 BONUS

150+ Slots and 97.2%

Rating: 5/5

150+ Slots and 97.2% Payout

Rating: 5/5

$6000 BONUS 97% Payout - Rating: 5/5

R1234 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.9/5

400+ Slots and 97.55%



R1234 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

R12000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.9/5

80+ Slots and 95% Payout



R10000 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

R1000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.9/5

100+ Slots and 97% Payout



R5000 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

R3,000 BONUS
100 Free Spins

98.82% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

98.28% Payout



R3,200 BONUS
100 Free Spins
98.28% Payout - Rating: 4.6/5

R5000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.9/5

150+ Slots and 95.55% Payout



R5000 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

R24000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.9/5

150+ Slots and 98% Payout



R11500 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.9/5

Online Slots History


Before Online Slots came to be, players were playing the old version of the game, fruit/slot Machines. Slot machines were invented in the late 1800s, including the famous Liberty Bells machine. The inventor of the very first game has been deliberated many times but is it believed that the first precursor of today’s slot game is a game that was invented by two New Yorkers, Sittman and Pitt, in 1891. Charles Fey, an American from San Francisco, California, is also believed to have contributed immensely to the game by creating a simpler version of Sittman and Pitt’s machine.

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Frey gave the machine three spinning reels and up to five symbols and made it more automatic. One of the symbols was a Liberty Bell, a feature that got the machine its name. The Liberty Bell machine thrived hugely and received high demand within the industry. It was even copied by other game manufacturers and by the early 1900s these games were in saloons, bottle stores, brothels, and barber shops.

Soon there came along the trade simulator slot machine which popularised the fruit-themed symbols slots are known for. Other symbols that are still famous today also followed as more machines were being created.


During these times, gambling was illegal in many states, but gamblers continued to enjoy their easy and fun gameplay. And this demand led to even more developments of the slot machine. 1963 saw the creation of the first slot machine with an entirely auto-mechanical function, Money Honey. Electronic versions of slot games eventually followed this significant development.


In 1976, the first video slot game came to life. It was first tried out at in Las Vegas in California. This game had colour displays and logic boards. It was popular on the Las Vegas Strip and few other places.

Online Slots Today

Today South African players have the pleasure of playing much more entertaining and advanced versions of slot games from the comfort of their personal space. Online Slots come in exciting varieties today, from different game engines to various themes and paylines. Gaming software developers have dedicated much of their resources to improve the sheer pleasure and experience of these games. The graphics are crisp and fluid, bringing in the illusion of realism to the look and feel of slot games. The sound effects add more to the thrill and features keep South African players coming back for more. The great thing about online slots these days is that they come in different forms. Players can choose how many reels and payline the online slot that they want to play will have. Players can now automatically spin the reels of slots games unlike having to physically spin the reels of the old slot machines. When playing online slots players stand a chance of winning great prizes.

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Forms of Online Slots

image of 3-reel online slots 3-Reel Online Slots: these slots are based on the original slot machine engine with just three spinning reels. They are simple, much easier to play and have fewer paylines. However, these games still offer plenty of gaming thrill and give the player a chance to play in a more laid-back manner. Though based on the old-fashioned structure, today the 3-reel Online Slots have much more beautiful graphics and themes, making the experience all the more pleasurable.

image of 5-reel online slots 5-Reel Online Slots: these are the newer version of the 3-Reel slots. 5-Reel Video Slots have more to offer regarding gameplay and winning potential. They have more paylines, which can go as high as over 200 ways-to-win, and come with exciting and beneficial features such as Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins features and Bonus Game rounds. Their themes are also very engaging and vivid. There are also some slots that have more than five reels, but these are quite rare.

Fixed Jackpot Online Slots: Online Slots can also come in either fixed or progressive jackpots. Fixed jackpot slots are predetermined and set to a certain amount. If the player lands the ultimate winning combination, they win the jackpot, the value of which will depend on the player’s bet sizes. These jackpot online slots also come with different paylines.It is advisable to Bet Max when playing a jackpot online slot to increase chances of winning the maximum prize.

image of mega-moolah online slot Progressive Jackpot Online Slots: on the other hand progressive jackpots are steadily growing. The slot games are connected to form a network so that each player playing that game contributes a portion of their wager to the jackpot. So in essence, for as long as bets are being placed on the game and no one has scored a winning combination, the jackpot will keep growing even into millions until someone does win it. To increase a player’s chances of winning the maximum prize, they should Bet Max. This Bet Max ensure that players will receive the highest possible jackpot when playing a progressive jackpot.

image of hitman online slot Blockbuster Online Slots: Online Slots come in many different and attractive themes, and for Blockbuster slots, these themes involve characters and items from famous movies or TV programs. Examples include Jurassic Park™, Bridesmaids™ and Hit Man™.

Special-themed Video Slots: besides blockbuster themes, gaming software developers like Microgaming™ have created and continue to create many innovative themes to accompany the look and feel of Online Slots. Some of these are based on fairy tales and legends, icons of specific nations and action figures, to name but a few.

Playing Online Slots Safely In South Africa

You may be wondering if all online casinos offering Online Slots to South African players are safe, and if not, which are. The simple answer is that it is better to know what makes a quality online casino so that you are equipped to choose the one that is right for you. Just as we at South African Gambling Site are careful about the online casinos we recommend to players, it is also critical that you take caution in where you play. But to do this, you have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. This will contribute to the experience you will have while playing Online Slots at Online Casinos.

Online Casino Licences and Certificates

A safe online Casino is one that keeps your gaming needs and overall interest at heart. That is, it takes fairness in games seriously; they have a quick turnaround time on payouts, keeps your transactions and information secured and considers matters around South African online gambling addiction and responsible gaming. Such Online Casinos can be pinpointed by their possession of a casino license and certificate of approval from a recognised Casino Gambling Boards and Regulatory Board.

Online Casinos are just as subject to laws, rules and regulations as land-based casinos are. They have to abide by the government’s laws and must obtain a license before they commence operation. To ensure this, Online Casinos are required to be regulated and audited by an assigned jurisdiction. The casino’s license details and certificates should be available for your viewing on their website.

How to Play Online Slots in South Africa

Online Slots are very easy and simplistic in their gameplay. They do not require any expertise, all you need to get used to how they work and understand some of its jargon. To start playing online slots, you will have to be internet connected and also have a secure internet connection.You also need to make sure that you have funding to play online slots. Video Slots come in 3-Reel and 5-Reel engines, icons/symbols that are related to the game and special features that improve winning potential. You will also have to deposit funds into your real money casino account to start wagering.

To play Online Slots, you start by picking the slot you want to play and then select the paylines to play with. From here you can decide and choose your wagering amount and bet size. Once you are done with this, you can press the ‘spin’ button to get the reels spinning. The slot’s reels will spin and slowly settle on a combination of symbols. The hope is for the reels to land on an actual winning combination to get payouts.

Symbols like Scatters and Wilds significantly improve winning potential. Scatters are good for triggering special bonus rounds and Free Spins, while Wilds substitute all other symbols, except the Scatter, to complete a winning series for you. Free Spins and Bonus Games give you the opportunity to play for free and hopefully score some wins.

Playing Mobile Slots

Not only can you give slots a spin at land-based and online casinos but by they can also be played on Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets through Mobile Casinos. Advancements have enabled South African gamblers to take their fun on the road, never missing a thing whether in sitting on the Gautrain or waiting at the doctor’s rooms. Basically, you could be spinning the reels of your favourite slot game while on the move.

Mobile Slots

Device and Internet Connection

Accessing the Mobile Casino just needs a decent internet connection on a compatible mobile device. These include devices that use iOS, Windows or Android operating systems. When you ensured your device’s compatibility and secured connection, visit the casino’s mobile website, register an account and follow the outlined instructions to access the games. If, however, you already have an account with the same casino on the desktop, then you usually do not need to register another. Instead, you can use the same login details to play the Mobile Slots.

Welcome Bonuses on Mobile Slots

Mobile Casinos offer welcome bonuses and other exciting rewards; some of them may be tied to best performing Mobile Slots. For example, you may get Free Spins on certain Mobile Slot along with your welcome deposit bonus after signing up and making your first deposit.

Strategies and Tips for Playing Online Slots

Online Slots and all slot games in general, are games of chance. Which means the bulk of your winning potential is dependent purely on the random outcome of the game’s number/symbol generators. However, there are still things to consider if you are looking to improve your gaming experience.

  • Make sure you play at a reputable and licensed online casino with frequently audited games. This will ensure that all your gameplay is fair and safe.
  • Read all the Terms and Conditions of the online casino and the games prior to depositing or playing. This way, you know details like wagering requirements and how easy it is to claim you payouts.
  • Check which game software developers the online casino uses for their games. This will give you an idea of the level of quality to expect from the Video Slots.
  • Look out for online slot games that have more paylines as these will increase your chances of hitting a winning combination.

FAQs – Online Slots

Is it safe to play Online Slots in South Africa?

As long as you are playing at a registered, licensed and regulated Online Casino, you have very little to worry about. Such casinos adhere to industry rules and regulations regarding casinos and gambling. So for instance, they are fair, safe and protect their dealing from fraud.

Can I play with South African Rands at Online Casinos?

Yes. Any online casino that caters to the South African gaming market will provide means to make your deposits and withdrawals in Rands. Of course, it is advisable to always check whether this is the case with a casino before you sign up.

How can I access Online Slot games?

Getting your hands on Online Slots is a simple process. Start by picking a suitable online casino, and then choose your mode of play (desktop, mobile or instant play) and follow the instructions where applicable. From there sign up for player membership and claim your welcome bonus, if you wish to, by making your first deposit. Once all this is done, the games are close at hand. All you need to do is visit the games web page of the casino, click Online Slots and pick the one you wish to play.

Are bonuses available on Online Slots?

Certainly. Online casinos often run promotions where they offer deposit bonuses on specific online slot games. So the casino may require you to deposit a certain amount of funds and use it to play said game, and you will be credited with extra bonus points, even Free Spins too.

What are Online Progressive Slots?

Online Progressive Slots are virtual slot machines that have been built into a network of slot machines so that each player of that game contributes a part of their wager to the game’s jackpot. Each time a player places a bet, a small percentage of it goes to the jackpot, thus the prize progressively grows until it is won.

Are there tricks to winning Online Slots?

No. Online Slots are entirely reliant on Random Number Generators, which make certain that slot outcomes are unpredictable. So players cannot fiddle with the game or manipulate the outcomes of the reels in any way. This ensures fairness for all players, reducing or eliminating chances of fraud and rigging.

Online Slots Glossary

  • All Ways: refers to Online Slots that use ways-to-win instead of paylines, requiring matching symbols to land next to each other on the reels.
  • Bonus Feature: an extra part of the game that gives you a chance to play a little more for free, increasing your winning chances. Free Spins are an example.
  • Bonus Multiplier: is a symbol that multiplies a win by a given amount, e.g. a 2x multiplier will double the amount won. Also referred to as Bonus Modifier.
  • Cascading wins: refers to a feature that pays out winning combinations and then replaces those symbols with new ones.
  • Coin Size: the value of each coin you bet with. You can choose this in the options given on the slots screen
  • Coins: betting credits
  • Credits: the amount of the bet divided by the coin size
  • Dashing Wilds: special wilds found on Secret Santa online slot. Four dazzling wilds may appear after spinning and then move across the reels to occupy random positions.
  • EGM: (short for Electronic Gaming Machine) is just another name for Online Slots.
  • Expanding Wild: a feature where the Wild symbol fills up the entire reel when hit, giving more winning chances on a single spin.
  • Jackpot: the lump sum amount that you could win in an online slot.
  • Max Bet: the highest amount that you can wager on a game at a time
  • Online Pokie: an Australian name for online slots.
  • Pay line: an imaginary line where your winning symbols need to settle after a spin to win a payout. Also simply referred to as line.
  • Progressive Jackpot: a continuously growing jackpot. Each player’s bet contributes a small percentage to the jackpot amount.
  • Random Number Generator: gaming software that controls the outcome of games. The program builds up numbers or symbols that will appear as the game’s outcome, and does so randomly without a determinable rule, thus making casino games unpredictable and fair.
  • Scatter symbol: a unique slots symbol that defies many of the game rules. It can appear anywhere on the reels but still payout, and it may also trigger bonus features of the game wherever it lands.
  • Stacked Wild: a collection of Wilds that stick together, one on top of the other, when the reels spin. Hitting them will cause the whole reel to turn wild, and give good payouts.
  • Sticky Wild: this wild sticks to its position after landing on it for at least one other spin, increasing your winning chances.
  • Trailing Wild: a wild feature where the wild clones itself, and moving the clone a place down the reel after a spin. This may carry on with each spin until the reel is filled with wilds, resulting in high winning potential.
  • Video Slots: Video Slots is the video version of slot machines which are usually found at online casinos.
  • Payline: This is a line which will determine the payout which will be made based on the winning combination. The number of paylines available on an online slot differs from slot to slot.
  • Bet Max: This is when a player places the maximum bet when they play an online slot game.