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Responsible Gambling for South African Players

Responsible gambling is so much easier to talk about than practising, as the same goes with most things. South African Gambling Sites experts share a few pointers in watching out for the signs, knowing when to stop and when to get professional help.



It is not easy to keep track of how many online casinos South Africans have access to. There are various ways that online casinos advertise and get gamblers to engage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, there are some people who have addictive personalities. This means that they are highly likely to get addicted than the average gambler.

Things can spiral out of control very easily for this type of player. For some players, sticking to the bank roll is easy even when they do win. They play purely for pleasure and of course winning.

Responsible Gambling – Signs There is a Problem

This could be signs you notice in yourself, a family member or a friend. It is important that steps to prevent any further damage are taken. Here are a few signs that there might be a gambling problem:

  • You gamble longer than what you normally would
  • You gamble because you’re feeling depressed
  • You feel depressed after gambling
  • You exceed your bankroll (even by a small amount)
  • Your gambling is affecting other aspects of your life negatively
  • You borrow money to gamble
  • Money goes missing when you’re around
  • You are agitated, or upset for no apparent reason

There is a long list of other signs, these are the most common. There are various ways one can get help.


How and Where to Get Help

South Africa has a number of organisations that can assist with problem gambling.

South African Responsible Gambling Foundation

The South African Responsible Gambling Foundation (SARGF)offers free treatment and counselling that is confidential. This service is offered to those who struggle with gambling responsible and their immediate family. They also educate South African players about the potentially harmful effects of not practising responsible gambling.

National Gambling Board

The National Gambling Board works together with the SARGF and therefore offer the same services.

Getting Professional Help

Another way would be to speak to a professional like a Psychologist and a Financial Advisor. The combination of both professionals would be best as there would be a great balance between managing your finances and mental health.

In Conclusion

While watching out for the signs may be no walk in the park, staying vigilant at all times is vital. Online casinos are just as accountable for responsible as you are. Choose very carefully and try as much as you can to stay away from gambling when you’re feeling down. Get as much information before you start playing. Enjoy other fun activities and not just gambling. South African Gambling Sites also has a lot of content that you could read for leisure.